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Pragyan 3.1 -Guest lecture by Ravi Kabra, Co-Founder and Director of Skippi Icepops, a brand funded by Shark Tank India.

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Connet to Conquer - Minor event of TRISHNA 2k23 -The Official Management and Cultural Fest of IBS Hyderabad

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MR. & MS. Trishna - Fun event of TRISHNA 2k23- The Official Management and Cultural Fest of IBS Hyderabad

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Conclave- A corporate month Guest Lecture by Sri Jayesh Ranjan IAS, Government of Telangana.

PraGyan 2.1 is a 3-day Guest Lecture series organized By Club Prayaas - The Official Inter-B School and Corporate Events Club of IBS Hyderabad.

The Perfect Pitch is a research pitching workshop in association with Chief of International Programs at MMSU, Philippines.

Bizz-Verse is the Introductory event of Batch 2024

Freshers event organized by Club Prayaas

Events Partnered with other B-Schools

Think outside the box, widen your horizon and test your abilities.

IMPELZ Annual Management Fest is a platform to showcase your skills in corporate world scenarios!

67th Milestone | Hero's Challenge. Theme: Pride-We Never Hide.

Step into the world of opportunities and demonstrate your problem-solving skills!

Entrepreneurship has been a hot topic in the current era, as technology evolves the world around us changes too.

Venus equality quiz: Watch NITIE and P&G Equality Summit for hints.

Dhruva is a mash-up of creative management competitions and a slew of cultural activities.

The Unmaad Quizzer, a general open quiz is the flagship event of IIM Bangalore.

E-Summit 2022: a one-stop destination where entrepreneurs, industry leaders and start-up enthusiasts.

Business Valley- A national level B-Plan competition.

Are you passionate about singing? Do you want to showcase your vocal prowess to the world? This is your chance.

Parivartan is the place where we lay the scene for newer horizons to be explored.

MarQuest: Online Treasure Hunt wherein participants have to use their marketing knowledge to decipher the code.

PM Bootcamp Scholarship Challenge: Showcase your knowledge, put your product learnings to test

Pearl and Atmos, an amalgamation of cultural and technology.

A case based competition involving stages and timeline proposition.

Young Leaders' Summit brings together the corporate leaders and young minds.

ATHARV: Central India's largest Management, Literary and Cultural Festival.

International Events

Global Management Challenge Student Championship: The World's Largest Strategy and Management Competition.

Events Partnered with Corporates

Innovation Challenge - Showcase your innovative ideas

HUL Live Project Challenge in E-Commerce, a Case Study Competition

CAFTA Case Championship 2022 organised by EY Ltd.

TATA Imagination Challenge - India's largest Ideation Competition"

Unstop(formerly Dare2Compete) presents an opportunity to share your Internship stories.

Unstop(formerly Dare2Compete) presents an opportunity to share your MBA Admission stories.

Tata Crucible Business quiz offers a unique and exhilarating.

Enigma 2.0- A business strategy bootcamp and case study competition.

Manthan-Ideathon: Fostering Innovation, Enriching Capital Markets

An Inter B-School marketing and business challenge to give students an opportunity to stretch their imagination and write the future!

Events Partnered with Clubs in IBSH