SHODH: The Case Research Wing of Club Prayaas brings the enormous creative talents to select, to analyse and to present the contemporary issues, learning from day to day activities prevailing in the national and international markets. The contribution of SHODH as a vertical has been immense and we focus on continuous improvement over the period of time.

Shodh also came up with PRAKARAN which is a National level Inter-College event, described as “Call for articles” for the e-magazine published by Club Prayaas. The motive of this event is to encourage participation and interest among the students which helps them analyze and present the given topic creatively. The event provides all the students from top-B schools an opportunity to explore themselves, beyond their boundaries.
Shodh comes up with weekly initiatives like 5Ws ( What, Who, Why, When, Where ) and Corptantra which provides Corporate words along with the meaning and sentence usages.
It also provides a platform for article and case writing and analysis.

Want to write your own article?