There will always be two responses to a piece of design – Good and Wow! And Wow is the one that INSIGNIA aims for.

Design is something that has allowed us to stand out, to look unique and to show that difference boldly. Design and creativity with an essence of ornamental views sounds an intriguing combination. And Club Prayaas has always loved to work on creating something unique. 

INSIGNIA- THE DIGITAL WING OF CLUB PRAYAAS was introduced on our Flagship event Skilling India presents C-Suite4.0: A Boardroom challenge 2020-2021 session. It works on digital creations for promoting and delivering distinct ideas. Corporate activities,when showcased artistically  and creatively, adds more beauty to it. Every creative work portrays a mystery and delivers a strong message to the viewers. 

Here at INSIGNIA, we believe that a design doesn’t need to be loud and decorative to be effective, but it should preferably be fluid and inconspicuous. INSIGNIA creates a design that is seamless and intuitive that one does not need time to figure it out but is able to interpret it right away. INSIGNIA is not just a digital wing but an emotion that binds your thoughts and our creativity to produce a resemblance in your heart, which unites the IBS student community.

For the first time in IBS Hyderabad, a virtual roll down was organized by Club Prayaas with INSIGNIA being the backbone of Corporate month 2020.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there nothing left to take away.